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  • Sangean PS-300 pillow speaker

Sangean PS-300

Pillow Speaker

  • Listen to Audio Devices with comfort and privacy
  • In-Line Volume Control
  • Built-in Power Amplifier to Enhance the Audio Output Level
  • Switch Off Built-in Amplifier To Power Speaker Directly


Adjust to desired audio output level Amplifier on / off: switch on to increase audio output level


  • Install one aaa / um-4 / r3 battery (battery not included) to power the optional internal audio amplifier only connect to headphone jack, as connection to higher output speaker connection will cause damage.
  • Requires stereo earphone output. Not compatible with PR-D4 and PR-D7 (mono earphone output).
  • Function Main Feature Active Pillow Speaker
    Output Devices Speaker  Size 2.25 inches Mylar
      Impedence 16ohm
      Magnetically Shield Yes
    Output Power (Typical)  AC / DC / AC to AC in (Speaker)  
      Batteries (Speaker) 30mW
    Power Supply Batteries (Main Power) SUM-4 x 1
    I/O Socket Input cable and plug  3.5mm (D) 2 metre stereo cable
    Dimensions Width (mm)  70
      Height (mm)  86
      Depth (mm)  14.5
      Weight (g)  79
    Particular Performance Length of the cable (mm)  1200
      2 Volume control
      3 Bypass headphone & booster
    Warranty   12 months