• Sangean ATS-909x radio
  • Sangean ATS909x world radio
  • Sangean ATS909x radio
  • Sangean ATS-909x portable radio

Sangean ATS-909x

FM–Stereo / AM / LW / SW / PLL Synthesized Portable Receiver

  • Professional digital multi-band world receiver.
  • 406 memories (FM 3 Pages: 27 Presets / LW 1 page: 9 Presets / MW 2 Pages: 18 Presets / SW 39 Pages: 351 Presets) + 1 Priority Preset
  • Five Tuning Methods: Direct Frequency Tuning, Auto Scan,
  • Manual Tuning, Memory Recall and Rotary Tuning
  • ATS (Auto Tuning System) Auto Scan and Preset Priority
  • Signal Strength in FM / MW / LW Bands
  • FM RDS / RBDS with PS, PTY, RT and CT Features
  • DSP Decoder IC for Better Signal Selectivity
  • Automatically Searches for Strongest Signal Station within SW Station Pages
  • Large LCD Screen with Bright White LED Backlight
  • Rechargeable Battery facility
  • Alarm: Radio or HWS (Humane Wake System) Buzzer
  • Built-In 42 World Time & D.S.T. Device with 2 Editable City Names
  • AM Wide / Narrow filter
  • FM Mono / Stereo Selector Switch
  • SSB (Single Side Band): USB / LSB 40Hz / Set on Fine Tuning
  • Much Improved Audio Quality: 1W Amp Output Power
  • AUX-In for External Media
  • Tuning   Type PLL synthesizer
        Memory Presets 406
        Rotary Tuning Yes
        Auto Tuning System Yes
        10-Key input Yes
    Display   LCD / VFD LCD
        View Area (mm) 84.5 x 49.5
        Graphic / Character Type Segment
        Backlight Yes
    Band FM Frequency MHz 87.5-108 / 76-108
        Stereo (Via Headphone) Yes
        RDS PS, PI, CT
      LW Frequency kHz 153-519
      MW Frequency kHz 520-1710
      SW Frequency MHz 1,711-29,999
        Meter bands 120,90,75,60,49,41,31,25, 21,19,16,15,13,11
      AM SSB USB / LSB
        Dual conversion Yes
        Wide/Narrow Yes
    Clock   Real time Yes
        Dual/World time World time
        Alarm Radio Yes
        Alarm Buzzer Yes (HWS)
        Snooze Yes
        Sleep Yes
        Radio control RDS – CT
    Audio   Tone control News/Norm/Music (Slide)
    Output Devices Speaker unit 3 inch 8 ohm  
        Buzzer Yes
    Output Power   Batteries (Speaker) 700 mW
        Earphones 5 + 5 mW
    Power Supply   AC IN 9V AC / 0.7A
        Batteries (Main power) 4 x 1.5V (AA)
    I/O Socket   AC in Yes (via adapter)
        Earphones Yes
        Line out Yes
        Ext. Antenna AM
    Accessories   AC Adapter Yes
        Carrying pouch Yes
        Earphones Yes
        SW antenna Yes
    Dimensions   W x H x D (mm) 208 x 135 x 41
        Weight (g) 734
    Warranty     12 months


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