Introducing a Revolutionary Storage Hub

Media Release - 3 December 2019

Minix – the advanced technology company, have produced one of the most exciting and desirable products of the year. The world’s first all-in-one portable storage solution. The new NEO S2 Storage Hub is simply the must have business tool of the year. The USB-C Multiport SSD Storage Hub mixes market hungry features with supreme design. Housed within a stylish and petite form factor the S2 includes onboard 240Gb Solid State Drive, 4K HDMI output, dual USB 3.0 inputs and USB-C (power delivery only).

The world’s first, all-in-one portable storage solution

Housing a wide range of features for an extremely narrow $189.00 retail price, Minix has delivered one out of the box. Accompanied with the latest USB-C multiport which enables connection to some of the world’s latest technology, then expanding to a variety filled connections hub. The spacious layout offers enough room for all devices to be connected simultaneously without restriction.

Dive further into the extremely portable hub, its dual USB 3.0 expands your options for additional devices, seamless USB to USB transfer and much more.

  • Housed within a stylish and petite form factor, the S2 includes onboard 240Gb Solid State Drive

The integrated 240Gb Solid State Drive delivers super-fast transfer speed up to 3.5 x faster than external HDDs and supports up to 400MB/s read and write speeds for USB to USB transfer.

The Neo S2 is designed for, but not limited to, Apple MacBook*, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro offering seamless connection. Also compatible with Android smartphones, as well as specific Dell and HP laptops. Multi OS support allows the S2 compatibly with a variety of macOS, iPad OS, Android OS and Windows OS devices.

The 4K HDMI outputs @ 30Hz allows simple dual monitor solutions for the modern office along interactive whiteboards and gaming endeavours. The S2 also offers connectivity to large screen TV’s allowing playback from your Mac or Laptop. The video delivery on 4K content is effortless and having so many connection options in the one device makes the Neo S2 the ultimate business accessory.

Minix has delivered one out of the box

Next generation computing is here now and Minix are leading the way. With a passion to deliver market leading technology along with stylish design and market leading advancements to complete your tech world.

Minix S2 is available now in a 240Gb space grey variant and includes a suede carry pouch. Covered by a 1-year limited Australian warranty and has a recommended retail price of only $189.00.

For additional information on the S2 or to pre-order, please visit

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