New TV brand allows you to completely unplug

Media Release - 3 October 2019

Australia, October 2019. A sunburnt country filled with wide open spaces and a love of the great outdoors. Simplicity and relaxation beckons us at every opportunity. Along with this comes our growing awareness of sustainable and renewable energy we wish to incorporate into our lifestyles.

The new Go TV follows these principles to deliver a simple yet unique product to the Australian market. One of the first of its kind, a solar and battery powered television which can be used just about anywhere. Imagine such a product that caters for our vast surroundings whilst effortlessly saving on energy cost.

Larger than a traditional tablet or smart phone, Go TV is available in a 32” screen size accompanied by a dedicated table top stand giving you the ability to playback your journey at days end or relax with a movie or show.

Take Go TV Anywhere

Fully equipped with a four-panel solar design, this is accompanied with a matching battery pack allowing full portability. The battery can last up to 7 hours of use whilst fully charging within 3 hours. The “off the grid” design allows Go TV to be a fully multipurpose product which can be used for camping, sporting matches, horse racing or many more outdoor activities. Not limited to this, for caravan users, Go TV’s onboard battery pack allows this product to run completely independently from the caravan’s onboard battery freeing the caravan’s energy stream to run lighting, water pumps and other appliances.

Staying Connected

With the ability to connect multiple devices via HDMI, VGA and Mini AV you are able to enjoy your traditional products such as gaming consoles, Blu Ray player, laptop computer and camcorders. All this whilst still enjoying the comforts of free to air TV. If you don’t want to disturb those around you, Go TV also has an earphone input to connect a pair of headphones.

With this much connectivity, you can still enjoy your favourite movie, view photos and even play the latest games, anywhere.

The perfect addition

Go TV allows you to enjoy your favourite external devices and free to air TV in the places that suits your lifestyle. The matching battery pack allows Go TV to run completely independently of any additional power source making it the perfect product regardless of your surroundings. Picnics, beach parties or even watching a movie in the back of a car. The opportunities are endless.

Get In Touch

Available in a black finish only and complete with solar panel, battery pack and is covered by a 12-month Australian warranty. Go TV will be launched at this year’s Melbourne Leisurefest Show from October 3-6, 2019 (Stand 182) and will have a recommended retail price of $699.00.

For more details on the Melbourne Leisurefest visit Melbourne Leisurefest

Go TV Product and Media Contact:

For additional information on Go TV please visit – gotv.com.au or contact Canohm.

4 / 30 Prohasky Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Australia | Tel: 1800 636 026 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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