Amina launches upgrade of its flagship Evolution Series

'i' series upgrade to AIW750 loudspeaker

Making the world's best invisible loudspeaker even better

Canohm, importer and distributor of Amina products in Australia, is pleased to announce the launch of the new 'i' series upgrade to its flagship audiophile AIW750 Invisible Loudspeaker. Designed to be plastered in to walls and ceilings, the AI750i marks the latest, most innovative and most reliable incarnation of any invisible loudspeaker on the market designed to recreate high definition audio without interfering in any way with the aesthetic design of a home or commercial space.

The AIW750i features two separate panel loudspeakers per channel of radio. The physically larger panel is focussed on producing the lower audio range. The other physically narrower device reproduces mid and high frequencies. This separation of function enables the combined devices to reproduce high power, very low frequency sounds, whilst at the same time creating a spatially open and incredibly fast and detailed response.

The 750i also features a revolutionary refinement of the company's opti-damping technology, resulting in a beautifully smooth and refined sound free from exaggerated sibilance that characterise lesser products.

One further dramatic change Amina has implemented in the new i version is the introduction of a simplified wiring scheme. The previous 750 model relied on a four wire connection back to the amplifier. Now, a single pair connection with the HF panel daisy chained off the LF panel allows the products use in pre wired locations.

The AIW750i has 100W continuous and 200W peak power handling, a sensitivity of 87dB 1m/2.83Vrms and a frequency range of 50Hz to 20Khz all when fully installed, with a final 2mm skim coat of plaster on the front.

Price, availability

The Amina Evolution Series invisible speakers and support products are in stock and available to order through Canohm's Professional business development team. 

iAIW750i $3,649 inc GST

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About Amina and Canohm 

Amina Technologies Ltd, based in the UK, design and manufacture specialist invisible loudspeaker solutions for high-end commercial and residential premises. Amina has developed loudspeaker technology that completely disappears in application. Quite literally, the product is set into walls and ceilings, plastered over and decorated to become completely invisible. It needs no maintenance.

Invisibility and improved acoustic coverage are only made possible because Amina has gone back to first principles in how sound is made. The loudspeakers do not use the conventional piston operation of a cone shaped diaphragm; instead Amina use the traditional musical instrument approach characterised by the violin and acoustic guitar and create electrically driven vibrational sound boards. Using this UK developed technology, Amina therefore create powerful loudspeakers that are super thin, lightweight, fast to install, highly effective in creating a powerful musical experience and ultimately completely invisible once installed.

Amina loudspeakers are normally installed below a final skim coat of finishing plaster, drywall compound or mud, but they can also be successfully installed using lime plaster, wood panelling, and other surface materials. Walls and ceilings are then painted or wallpapered to taste.

It is advisable to use a professional, trained audio installer to install Amina products and to integrate with existing electronics or a new entertainment system. To understand the installation process, view the video installation overview as shown here.

Canohm is a major importer and distributor of high quality audio/visual solutions including Hi-Fi speakers, radio receivers, A/V mounting products and automated audio/visual solutions.  Canohm employ a team of dedicated professionals who collaborate with interior designers, architects, and audio/visual consultants to achieve sound and visual experiences that are second to none.

Canohm is the Australian Distributor of Amina Invisible Speaker products, as appointed by Amina Technologies Ltd, UK. Canohm also represent Sangean, AudioXperts, Vogel’s, Canton loudspeakers, Future Automation, MagicBox Audio, Ezymount and Venturi mounts.

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