MINIX, established in 2008, is a global leader in the development of next-generation computers, setting a new precedent in portable PC and Media Hub technology. MINIX pursues the latest in technologic innovation to offer revolutionary devices capable of fulfilling all your computer and media demands. MINIX products aim to redefine the way you interact with your media, creating a computing experience that's second to none.

Introducing the MINIX NEO Series

The MINIX NEO Series consists of media hubs for Android, each with a variety of specifications and features to cater to differing customer needs and demands. Canohm is pleased to distribute the NEO X7NEO X5 MiniNEO G4 and NEO X8-Hin Australia.

The MINIX NEO Series of Android media hubs enable you to share media content such as videos, music and photos between your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and your TV. 

The MNIX NEO Series all come with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 OS pre-installed. This means your media hub is ready to go with your favourite Google Apps - Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Play Store. MINIX NEO products also come pre-installed with AirPin PRO App. AirPin PRO is a great application for all Apple iOS customers using MINIX media hubs, as it enables the AirPlay feature on iOS to be compatible to MINIX media hubs, so you can stream any audio or video content from your Apple devices and software onto your TV.

To learn more about the many standard features of the MINIX NEO Series, click here.

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